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2019 Statistics

MSW (garbage) Transferred237,224 tons or 474,448,000 pounds
Construction Waste Landfilled153,655 tons or 370,310,000 pounds

Recycled Materials

Single Stream (from homes)6,017 tons
Cardboard329 tons
Metals1,021 tons
Green Waste8,700 tons
Concrete3,010 tons
Electronics10 tons
Tires54 tons


Total Waste Landfilled390,879 tons
Total Recycled Materials16,640 tons
Percentage of Waste Recycled4.07%

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2020 Board Members

Robert Shelton, Dax Fossum, Scott Smith, Jason Walker, Mike Vanchiere, John Goodman, Brenn Bybee, Jim Miller, Jacob McHargue, David Shawcroft, Randy Farnworth, and Bill Lee

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