Fees & Charges

Transfer Station (located in Lindon)

Double Charge of All Non-Covered and Unsecured Loads. $12.00 minimum / $50.00 maximum


The Administrative Control Board of the North Pointe Solid Waste Special Service District will hold a public hearing on November 14, 2022, for the purpose of hearing comments on a potential fee increase:

- Proposed 2022 Amended Budget
- Proposed 2023 Budget
- Proposed 2023 Tipping Fee Increase

The Public Hearing will be held in the conference room at North Pointe Solid Waste Special Service District, 2000 West 200 South, Lindon, Utah on Monday, November 14, 2022, at 6:00 p.m. The public is invited to attend to express comments pertaining to the proposed fee increases.

This notice is hereby provided in accordance with the provisions of the "Fiscal Procedures for special Interlocal Entitites" and Utah Code Section 11-13-531.

A copy of the proposed fee schedule is available below and at the district office.

The proposed increased can be view by clicking the link
2023 Proposed Fees & Charges

Mixed Waste - Participating

500 pounds or less$ 12.00
501-1000 pounds$ 24.00
Over 1000 pounds$ 35.50 per ton

Mixed Waste - NonParticipating

500 pounds or less$ 24.00
501-1000 pounds$ 48.00
Over 1000 pounds$ 71.00 per ton

Plant & Wood Waste

Pickup size load$12.00 per load
Larger Loads$24.00 per load
Larger than a Large Pickup Load$27.50 per ton

Clean Concrete

Level pickup load$12.00 per load
Larger than a level pickup size$12.00 per ton
Concrete containing rebar$27.50 per ton
Large concrete piece loads (larger than 1' thick)$27.50 per ton

Construction and Demolition

Per Ton$27.50 per ton

Contaminated Soil & Industrial Waste

Must have prior approval in addition to a TCLP or other approved documentation of lab analysis$50.00 per ton/$50.00 minimum charge

Animal Carcass

Agriculture or Bulk$40.00 per ton / $40.00 minimum charge
Single small animal (i.e. sheep Dog, Goat or smaller)$10 each
Large Animal (Cow, Horse$20.00 each


(non-commercial customers only) regular tires - 4 included in fee - Additional Tires$5.00 per tire
Commercial Truck Tires and Tractor Tires$12.00 per tire
Bulk Tires$100.00 per ton


Per item$10.00

Weigh Fee

Per weigh$5.00

Refrigerant Removal

Per Unit$15.00

Special Handling Fee

Extra large stumps, concrete, items that require special handling; may be charged for any type of waste in addition to regular fee.$60.00 per ton & $60 minimum

Compost Sales

Screened mulch$20.00 per cubic yard

Styrofoam & Bulk Waste

Styrofoam$ 140.00 per ton
Mattresses$5.00 each after first 2 - public loads
Bulk Mattresses$92.00 per ton

Construction & Demolition Landfill (located in Fairfield)

Construction & Demolition Waste

500 pounds or less$7.00 per load
Over 500 pounds$9.50 per ton
Clean Concrete - no rebar$6.00 per ton
Dirty Concrete$9.50 per ton
Asphalt$6.00 per ton

Uncontaminated Soils

Dirt$5.00 per ton
Mud$6.00 per ton


Special Waste Construction Tires$60.00 per ton

Weigh Fee

Per weigh$5.00

HHW (Household Hazardous Waste) Applies to residences only - Businesses call 801-225-8538 x 101

Paint - Based on Container SizeUp to 10 Gal - No Charge, $0.50 per gal after first 10 Gal.
Fluorescent Light TubesUp to 16 linear feet - No Charge, $0.30 per linear foot after first 16 ft.
Household Chemical (Pesticides, Cleaners, Fuels, Etc.) Based on Container SizeUp to 3 Gal - No Charge, $0.50 per gal after first 3 Gal.
Batteries (Car, Motorcycle, RV, Rechargeable, Typical Household Batteries)No Charge
Electronics$10.00 Each

Double Charge of All Non-Covered and Unsecured Loads. $12.00 minimum / $50.00 maximum